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Absolutely not. While we hope to be a support for parents facing challenges, we also strongly believe in the value of having a team in your corner when things are not so overwhelming. Think of it like the difference between treatment and wellness for your health: Treatment is important, but it’s better to focus on wellness.

Our experts are here to help you think through what’s important to you and your family, and help you create an environment that supports your goals. Care about your child’s emotional development? Struggling to think through school choices? Just want to understand more about your child’s specific development?

Parenting can come with a lot of unexpected hurdles. Parentgood is here to take the pressure off of you as a parent, with the knowledge that you always have an Expert in your corner, to answer the tough questions, and make the right choices for your child

The Internet is full of confusing, contradictory advice. On the same forum, you can often find 5 different recommendations for the same problem, all of them wrong for your child’s specific needs. ParentGood experts will give you knowledgeable and personalized parenting advice.

All of our experts are experienced & certified parenting and childcare professionals. Most of them have a Master’s or Doctorate degree in their field. They have extensive experience working with children, teachers and parents, and while we’re not objective, we think you will agree that they are helpful, genuine souls.

ParentGood was created for all parents, whether to tackle parenting challenges or improve skills. If you’re not certain it’s right for you, it’s free to try! Just schedule a session with one of the many experts offering a free consultation.

ParentGood was created for all parents, whether to tackle parenting challenges or improve skills. If you’re not certain it’s right for you, it’s free to try! Just schedule a session with one of the many experts offering a free consultation.

There are two ways you can communicate with an expert. You either send a written message directly to the expert, which they will answer when they can. These conversations will show up in your “Inbox” tab. You can also schedule a direct, one-on-one video session with the expert, for a more in depth conversation.

Based on your search query, we will match you with the best expert for you. If you don’t like the first option, you can scroll down the page to see additional Experts who can help with your particular parenting issue.

Messages are saved to your and the expert’s accounts, so you can go back to check on them. All video calls are completely confidential, and neither we, nor the experts, save any records of them.

While the ParentGood service is free to use, experts set their own price for each one-on-one session. Most experts, however, also offer a free 15-30 minute introductory session, so you can discuss what you need help with, and get a feel for their consulting style.

At the moment, the ParentGood service is available only in the USA.

How It Works

Either use the search box to type in the issue you need help with or pick a category. We’ll assign the most appropriate Expert for you. Though once you have an Expert assigned, you can scroll down to see more Experts that can help your specific issue.

Once you find an expert you want to connect with, you can either send them a message, which they will reply to when they can (you’ll find answers to messages you sent in your “Inbox”) or you can schedule a private, one-on-one video session with the expert, where they can give you detailed, in depth advice and guidance. Many experts offer a free first session.

Of course. We have a variety of Experts who can help with each issue. Once matched with an Expert, just scroll down to see more options for Experts that can help with your specific issue.

There is no limit to the quantity or frequency of times you can message an expert through the ParentGood app. However, it is likely your expert will recommend scheduling a one-on-one session once a few introductory questions have been answered.

You can schedule a session as often as you desire or require, as long as the Expert’s schedule permits it

Yes. Each expert has specific hours each day in which they are available for sessions.

No. While sessions can only be scheduled for when the expert is available, messages can be sent any time. The expert will recieve the message immediately, but might only answer it when he or she is next available.

We’re sorry. At ParentGood, we try to maintain the highest standard of parenting experts. Please email us at and let us know of any problems you are experiencing with an expert.

No. All communication with the experts is done through the ParentGood app.

Setting Up

Once you have the app, make an account, then search for whatever issue or concern you need assistance with. ParentGood will match you up with an expert, and you can easily start messaging with them, or schedule a one-on-one video session.

Unfortunately not. While a desktop version is in the works, at the moment you need either an Android or iPhone to use the service.

Just click this link to be taken straight to the app page on your device’s app store.

Common Issues

Simply press on the “Forgot Password?” button on the login page. It will take you through the process of resetting your password. If you are still having issues, contact us at

Each expert has their own working hours. While messages are sent immediately, it might take a day or two to answer. If you need more urgent assistance, try scheduling a live session. Many experts offer a first, introductory session for free.

Payment & Billing

Each insurance policy is different. However, as the ParentGood app is not currently considered a provider of health, medical or therapy services, it is unlikely your insurance will cover the cost.

We will authorize your card for the session’s cost when you schedule your session. The charge itself only happens at the session’s start, when both you and the expert join the conversation.

No. Your money will be refunded, and you should see it back in your account within 48 hours.

On the app, press on “Settings” and then “My sessions”. You will see the toal sessions and charges for the current month, and can scroll back to previous months at the top of the page.


Our Privacy Policy is available on the app, by pressing “Settings” and then “Privacy” or by clicking on this link

Our Terms of Use are available on the app, by pressing “Settings” and then “Terms and Conditions” or by clicking on this link

Becoming an Expert

After downloading the app and creating an account, press on “settings” and then “Become an Expert”. It will take you through the application process.

You can do it either from the app, or from a web browser. 1. On the app, after logging into your account, press on “settings” and then on the box with your name and profile picture. From here, you can click on each section of your profile to edit it. Don’t forget to press “save” 2. On the web, after logging into your account, press on “profile”. There are four tabs for the different sections of your profile. Press on the blue pencil button to edit the sections you wish to change or update. Don’t forget to press on the blue “save” button once you’re done.

If you searched and can’t find the right category or specialty that’s right for you, write to us at and we’ll be sure to add it for you ASAP.

Let us know! Send an email to and attach your credentials so that our support team can upload them to your profile.

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